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thefresharchdukeofaustriahungary asked: How do you feel about white rappers -- not in terms of personal creed (EX: the racism of Iggy Azalea) but just the fact that they're rapping? I saw a post calling Iggy's rapping "vocal blackface." What's your opinion on this?


I don’t really mind white rappers but I do think Iggy’s voice is a put on, which is racist as hell. She’s imitating what she believes black people sound like. Gross. You can tell it’s an act in her interviews but it’s pretty obvious in her recent appearance on dancing with the stars. She flubbed during her performance and broke character. Her natural voice is completely different. She’s said so many blatantly racist things that even if someone explained to her why her faux “blaccent” was offensive, I doubt she’d get it.

I will say this though, the media’s praise and hype over Iggy is a pretty clear example of her white privilege. Yeah, she’s cute but as a lyricist she’s average at best. Recently some magazine praised her as having the biggest debut for a female rapper since Nicki Minaj which….is cool I guess, but her album sold like 1/7th of what Pink Friday did, so it’s really not even worth mentioning. Same goes with her body. Yes, her body is banging, but according to the media a slim waist and big ass are only ideal when it’s on a white body. (I’m lookin at you Kim Kardashian…)

Same with Macklemore. He’s average at best, but praised endlessly and winning Grammys over more talented rappers mainly because he’s white. Someone on Twitter described it as, “Macklemore can rap about racism and poor black people and win a Grammy. Meanwhile Kendrick Lamar raps about actually BEING a poor black kid and gets nothing?” And then there’s the praise he gets for being an LGBT ally, as if rappers don’t support gay rights. Ugh. plenty of other rap artist support gay rights and there’s even a growing community of gay rappers and hip hop artists. So yeah. Change that, I don’t mind white rappers when they aren’t acting like they invented rap and at least credit black artists. Sadly, that doesn’t happen enough. Mainstream media stays acting like white rappers are the only ones supporting LGBT rights and the rest of hip hop is just homophobic misogynist dribble. Not here for it.


comment via Todrick Hall’s “WeaveGirls” parody




Oh.  I forgot, they’re “extensions” when white women wear them. They only become “ratchet” and worth making fun of when black girls wear them. Got it. 
Yes, SOME black women wear weaves. BECAUSE THEY WANT TO. FULL STOP. Not because they all hate themselves. Not because they all lack confidence. And not because they all hate their natural hair. And a large majority of them look good, which is why white people stay asking if my natural hair is fake cause ya’ll still can’t tell the difference! So yeah, I guess a lot of people are “fooled”. At the end of the day, whatever you do with your hair (black or white) is your business. Unless you’re my therapist, don’t say shit about my self confidence levels based on my hairstyle.
And before you come into my inbox, I’m not angry. I’m not bitter. And no I’m not jealous. Contrary to popular belief, getting famous off anti-black misogyny/misogynoir is not difficult or worthy of jealousy.  I’m tired. Tired of black women being the butt of every. single. joke. And someone with Todrick’s level of talent really doesn’t NEED to keep repeating this same trope. Heck, he’s made plenty of incredible and insanely viral videos without them! I’m tired of telling black “comedians” that my humanity deserves respect and that they need to stop giving their white fans permission to degrade me with these tired ass “jokes”.  

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this is so typically middle class

Local Nerd Ruins Breakfast For Entire Commonwealth


Dontadrian Bruce, 15, was suspended from school for using the above gesture, which is allegedly a gang sign … Can you tell the difference?

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